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Børges best breasts nykøbing f bio

børges best breasts nykøbing f bio

might think having big boobs is amazing, but there are actually a few disadvantages that I'm here to share with you she says at the beginning of the clip. Modest: Lindsey said that even in a T-shirt, she tends to accidentally look like a porn star. Not only can this be incredibly uncomfortable, but it also results in some unwanted attention when a girl is sweating up a storm. Lindsey said one upside is that breasts are like Mother Nature's pocket and can hold things like money and lipstick. Accessories are out: Long necklaces (left) and cross-body bags (right) can get lost in cleavage.

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Børges best breasts nykøbing f bio For one thing, she says: 'Every time a girl who's super-busy bends over, she has to hold the girls, or they're going to fall out.' She them demonstrates for the camera. Lindsey typically uses deodorant in her cleavage to combat the problem, and some women use it under their breasts as well. Yet Lindsey herself doesn't seem to totally mind the 'porn star' look at least sometimes, as she shares Instagram pictures of herself in racy corsets, see-through tops, and sometimes no top at all.

Playboy model Lindsey: Børges best breasts nykøbing f bio

So certainly, it's safe to say that Lindsey didn't choose for her breasts to be as big as they are. No matter what happens, it's gonna go deep into your cleavage and look like a keychain for your nipples she says. Just take it from Instagram star and Playboy model. For that reason, she calls it 'Mother Nature's pocket'. You'll nail the third button, and then you'll get the first button, but the second one leaves you wide open and a huge shot at your cleavage she goes. But though she's naturally top-heavy, people tend to assume she's surgically enhanced. børges best breasts nykøbing f bio

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